Love Boats

I think we can all agree that not many cities are quite as beautiful as Chicago; from the way the buildings glisten in the sun, to the friendly faces you see amongst the crowd, to that ever so soft (and sometimes very strong) breeze you get on a hot summer day, Chicago has set the stage for falling in love, and will not disappoint.

Through the years we’ve seen it all. Families enjoying their sunday on the water, birthday parties, after work hang outs and everything in between. But some occasions stand out to us…With Valentine’s day right behind us, we decided to look back at all the engagements, date nights, and marriages that happened on our boats over the years!

From the little moments to the big picture, we’ve witnessed it all. And most times, if we’re lucky, we get to help make the moment even more special. From getting the phone call from the nervous and excited soon to be fiancè 2 months prior, to having the flowers displayed perfectly on the boat before they arrive, to even placing the ring under the seat cushion.

Every summer we get about 5,000 date nights, and around 30 engagements, with an actual marriage here or there. To be a part of so many special moments that revolve around love and the future makes us reminisce on days as special as Valentines day.