Reaching Out

This October The Chicago Electric Boat Company Foundation was fortunate enough to participate with My Block, My Hood, My City (M3) in their explorer’s program. The Chicago-based philanthropic organization has become a major player in providing support to Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods. M3 organizes a handful of community programs, one of them being the explorer’s program. The way this program works is high school classrooms from Chicago’s south and west neighborhoods are selected and exposed to unique experiences the city has to offer. Often, these kids are rarely subjected to any exposure to anything outside of their neighborhoods. This program has become a pipe dream for many young students hoping to prosper as they transition into adulthood. This is the reason the CEBC Foundation was excited to participate.

On October 13th, the CEBC Foundation hosted 15 high schoolers from the explorer’s program at our Riverwalk location. Introductions were made, delicious Mediterranean food was catered, and we boarded two of our Luxury 22ft Duffy’s. Each boat came with a professional tour guide so the students could learn about the rich history our city has to offer. The students were mesmerized as they soaked up the beautiful sights of the Chicago River.

Prior to the event, the CEBC Foundation had raised $750 from friends and family to be donated directly to the students at the event. When we returned to the docks, we presented gift bags to each student that had a total of $50 in gift cards for the students to use however they like.

Additionally, the CEBC Foundation had issued a $500 donation for the M3 Explorer’s Program. We would like to give thanks to M3 for all the amazing work they do for Chicago’s communities. The work they do acts as a beacon of hope during these trying times. We encourage you to learn more about the organization at We look forward to future partnerships! We would also like to give thanks to everyone who donated for the event and those who helped with hosting. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed.

The CEBC Foundation will continue working with organizations to help give back to the people who make Chicago so special. Keep an eye out for future events!

To learn more about M3 please visit their website: