Support the Youth – Support the Future

About My Block My Hood My City

In its five years, the Chicago-based philanthropic organization My Block, My Hood, My City (M3) has become a major player in providing support to many of Chicago’s divested communities. My Block organizes a handful of youth focused community programs, including the Youth Led Tour Program. They’ve recognized that many of the young people served by the organization rarely leave their neighborhoods. Their mission is to provide opportunities for teenagers to step outside their comfort zone and explore new communities, cultures, and cuisines to gain a greater understanding of the world, right in their city’s own backyard.

Chicago Electric Boat Company’s Role

Starting on July 12th, CEBC is partnering with My Block, My Hood, My City to host the Youth Led Tour Program on 4 different occasions during Summer 2021. Students interested in careers in history, architecture, and tourism will be paired with professional tour guides on our boats. As they cruise the Chicago River, these students will have an afternoon to sit face-to-face with professionals in an industry they are passionate about to gain first-hand knowledge on how to advance themselves in their chosen field.

How You Can Make an Impact

CEBC has heard the call of our local communities and we’re rising up to answer and be part of the solution! We’re asking you to get involved with our efforts. By donating to our GoFundMe (, you will have a direct impact on students and help us build a better Chicago one act of service and one neighborhood at a time. All fundraised money will go directly to each participant. In addition to hosting the Youth Led Tour event, we’ll also donate gift cards to each student from local organizations so that they’re able to make an investment into their own communities themselves!

Your gift will help us move toward the interconnected Chicago we know is possible and foster a better future for every block in our city!