The Heat’s on – and so is the fun!

Cue the sweltering sun beaming its rays at us. 

The scorching heat of Chicago summertime has arrived thanks to the over-generous rays of our closest star, the Sun. 

According to the astronomists, our sizzling sun shoots off rays that travel for 8 minutes and 21 seconds at a speed of 2,237 miles per hour before embracing us all with its heat-hug. 
Interestingly, meteorologists also inform us that Chicago has 189 days of sun throughout the year with 77 of them occurring during the months of June through September.  In Chicago, there are days where the oppressive heat makes us all feel like we’re cooking in an outdoor oven and other perfectly sun-kissed days that are absolutely gorgeous. 

Renting a boat and enjoying the cool beauty of being on the River is one way you can enjoy the glorious days of summer, despite the heat. 



Don’t delay!

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