The Heat’s on – and so is the fun!

Cue the sweltering sun beaming its rays at us. The scorching heat of Chicago summertime has arrived thanks to the over-generous rays of our closest star, the Sun. According to the astronomists, our sizzling sun shoots off rays that travel for 8 minutes and 21 seconds at a speed of 2,237 miles per hour before embracing us all with its heat-hug. Interestingly, meteorologists also inform us that Chicago has 189 days of sun throughout the year with 77 of them occurring during the months of June through September. In Chicago, there are days where the oppressive heat makes us all feel like we’re cooking in an outdoor oven and other perfectly sun-kissed days that are absolutely gorgeous. Renting a boat and enjoying the cool beauty of being on the River is one way you can enjoy the glorious days of summer, despite the heat. Don’t delay! Experience the breeze of the Windy City on the Chicago River. Secure your boat rental at and have a splash of summer fun before the season slips away!

Support the Youth – Support the Future

Learn about the Chicago-based philanthropic organization My Block, My Hood, My City (M3) and how we are teaming up with them to help support the youth of our city. Also learn how YOU can make an impact too! Donate at:

All For Mom

To plan for this perfect day on the Chicago River, choose the rental experience that best fits your family's style to schedule a memorable day on the Chicago River. The best thing about our electric boats is that you get to be the captain yourself, which makes them a great gift for a Mom who is a sailor at heart and wants to take the helm. If she’d rather just soak up the sun and enjoy the cruise, anyone who has a driver’s license and is 21 years or older can be her chauffeur!.

Spring has Sprung and Back to Fun!

The arrival of Spring is always special and upliftings. We welcome and embrace the increased sunshine and say goodbye to the long, dark, and gloomy days of winter. This year is even more special because we are not only welcoming the season, but we are also celebrating Chicago’s containment of the virus and the gradual lifts of COVID restrictions. Last Spring’s arrival came as our city was locked down and most businesses, such as ours, were closed or severely restricted as to opening and providing recreational services.

Retro Meets Contemporary

We’ve already realized that “history repeats itself” so to say we’re excited about our annual comeback, would be an understatement. With that being said, we wanted to make our fleet more colorful and accessible. We’re excited to announce that we will be making our stunning retro boats available through our original parent website Our retro boats are original refurbished boats from the 1950s-60s. These timeless beauties have an electric motor to keep them running through another decade.

Love Boats

I think we can all agree that not many cities are quite as beautiful as Chicago; from the way the buildings glisten in the sun, to the friendly faces you see amongst the crowd, to that ever so soft (and sometimes very strong) breeze you get on a hot summer day, Chicago has set the stage for falling in love, and will not disappoint. Through the years we’ve seen it all. Families enjoying their sunday on the water, birthday parties, after work...

6 More Weeks of Winter…

Whether it’s Woodstock Willie’s forecast of an early spring or Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of 6 more weeks of winter.. One thing is for sure-Spring will arrive here sooner than we think. Stay hopeful, it’s already February! Imagine the warmth of the sun on your face as you cruise down the Chicago River and “soak in” the beauty and warmth of Chicago. See you soon!